“I no longer take meds! This is unbelievable. After the first day I was playing tennis and golf without worrying about allergies. I have more energy, sleep better and enjoy life like I haven't for many years. I highly recommend you to anyone who plays competitive sports. I hope this testimonial helps anyone suffering from allergies. I owe you so much Nell!"  -- K.L. Princeville


Our daughter was breaking out in hives and rashes for as long as we could remember. When we gave her antihistamines they made her groggy and irritable so we would try to only give them when the symptoms started.  When we changed her foods or environment she would be a little better for a while then she would start reacting again. Nell addressed why she was having the reactions. Since we have completed her sessions (5 in all) we have not had to use medications at all. Please, if you have children with allergies they should not only see Nell, they should see her now!" C. Y. Kauai

 "Dear Aunty Nell, (Islanders typically refer to their elders as Auntie and Uncle) Thank you for your help.  My skin got really better.  I do not have it and I am happy you helped me. Thank you for your big help. You are very good and nice and your hair is so so beatiful (sic). I wish I was you because you help a lot of people and you made them so happy that they can eat anything and have so much fun like me!”  -- L. C. Kauai (7 years old)


“I am allergy free for the past four years! Drugs provided very brief relief. I carried an EpiPen and was dependent on drugs day and night. I was always aware of what I ate and who I came in contact with. Our poor indoor family pets had to be made outdoor pets due to my eyes swelling shut almost daily. Thanks to Nell I can now eat anything I like without getting sick! I can be around my dogs, grass, pollens, I can smell flowers, I can swim and not rush to shower! Allergy medicines, EpiPens*, rashes, allergic reactions are a thing of the past! I have been able to travel to foreign countries and not worry about ending up sick or in the hospital! It's absolutely wonderful!! Nell truly is one of the most compassionate women I have ever met. I loved going to see her, plus it was completely painless." -- K. A. Tempe, AZ​​  

* Nell recommends clients who carry an EpiPen continue unless otherwise advised by their physician.


“My cat allergy made it impossible for me to stay with family when we traveled internationally.  After being treated by Nell, I am now able to stay with my cat loving family without itchy eyes, runny nose and sneezing.”  M. A. Pasadena, Ca


"In the last four weeks my life is changed. My IBS bloating is gone!  I was at a party and everyone noticed I was enjoying all the food and drink I always avoided. They asked what happened and I told them, 'Nell did it'.  I was crying while telling my parents about all of my positive changes.  No more Prilosec!  And I am currently weaning off two other medications. Thank you so, so much."  B.C.  Kauai


 “Ruby, my Papillon, was on 3 medications for skin allergies when we came to Nell.  It has been 4 years and Ruby is doing great. ​No medications, no allergies and she loves Nell!”  K. B. Kauai 


  • I recently saw a client with the diagnosis of Alpha-gal syndrome: https://www.mayoclinic.org/…/a…/symptoms-causes/syc-20428608. His symptoms included joint inflammation and pain, severe digestive issues and depression. His energy level was low and his restrictive diet was just more than he felt he could handle.This diagnosis meant he could consume no red meat or any products from mammals. This is a man who has a $3000 grill and makes his own BBQ sauce to feed crowds. We discovered he was also reacting to multiple stressors beyond the dietary reactions. This is why when he restricted his diet, his symptoms persisted. Dust, Dust Mites, Mold, Cotton fabric and even Emotions were contributing to his symptoms. His response to the treatments was immediate. Reduced and eventually resolution of his joint pain, digestion and elimination improved and his overall energy level greatly increased. Once we completed his sessions I said, "You need to try some meat." The grill was fired up, he had some ribs and 5 days later he is still symptom free. His response: "I feel like a 20-year-old even though I am almost 50." ... THIS is why I love what I do.